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What is Hexagonal Water? Hexagonal Water Science Explained!

What is Hexagonal Water? Hexagonal Water Science Explained!

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Water is referred to as the “Universal Solvent” because it is simply so powerful at dissolving other elements. It is a liquid at room temperature with both positive and negative sides, meaning it is polar, and these features allow it to behave as a great solvent. Because of its affinity to other particles and elements, water is able to mix well with and transport nourishing minerals, natural resources, vitamins, proteins, oxygen and much more necessities to parts of the body, including tissues and organs where these nutrients and enriching minerals are most needed. This enables the body to grow and strengthen. However, water is also liable to easily pick up harmful pathogens, pollutants, chemicals and invading foreign elements that can cause illnesses and damage to the body.

Everyone knows that a water particle consists of one oxygen atom combined with two hydrogen atoms to from an H2O molecule, water as we know it. However, these H2O water molecules themselves are rarely isolated and in nature they form groups and clusters of water molecules that we can drink from a glass of water, or swim in through a swimming pool, or observe at a beach or lake. The problem is that when H2O water molecules form clusters they tend to be bulky and unstructured water clusters that make transportation through the body more difficult, and demand more energy from the body to break them down. Tap waters mixed with chlorine and other elements tend to form very hard bulky water clusters but ordinary filtered water and bottled mineral waters also form these bulky and crude water compounds that are hard to absorb.

Nevertheless, there are places in nature where you can find water clusters that naturally form into fine highly organized hexagonally structured water clusters. This Hexagon Water structure is unique, but you can see it in snowflakes because frozen snowflakes falling from the sky are made up of lots of tiny hexagonal water structures. Unfortunately frozen snowflakes are not the same as liquid hexagonal water, but you can also find liquid hexagonal water for drinking at some very special places in nature. Natural mountain streams energized by the nutrient rich soils and by the sun at just the right conditions also carry drinkable hexagonal water that you can drink fresh right from the stream. The water must be drunk fresh however, because once bottled the water will cluster into unorganized shapes and lose its hexagonal properties. This is exactly why the unique Vitalizer Plus device has been developed, to allow people to experience the revitalizing and enriching health benefits of drinking hexagonal water at home.

But why is hexagonally structured water so much more beneficial for human health than ordinary clustered bulks of drinking water? Hexagonal water, because of its unique structured shape, is able to much more efficiently penetrate into the human tissues and cells of the body, effectively re-hydrating the cells and delivering nutrients and minerals at a much more efficient and faster rate than ordinary water. Additionally, the efficiency of hexagonal water works both ways, as it also gathers and eliminates cellular wastes and toxins released from cells and tissues much faster than ordinary drinking and mineral waters, thus effectively cleansing the body at the cellular level from harmful and dangerous toxins, chemicals and other harmful intrusive foreign agents. It was remarkable when scientists determined that "Hexagonal Water is found surrounding healthy DNA, whereas unorganized water is found surrounding the DNA of diseased tissue." - Jhon, M.S., The Water Puzzle and the Hexagonal Key.

Hexagonal Water has also been scientifically documented to enhance metabolic efficiency, and it is thus not surprising that people drinking hexagonal water report a drop in high cholesterol, a reduction in wrinkles, much more energy, healthy weight loss, stabilized blood sugar levels and many more positive health outcomes. It was also quite shocking when researchers found evidence indicating that hexagonal water decreases in the body as we age, indicative of the concept that biological molecules require structured water in order to perform their functions.

How can we measure or tell whether water is Hexagonally Structured? Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) is one of the most effective means to verify and determine the molecular size of water molecules. It is through such means that scientists can verify the high quality of the Hexagonal Water that is produced by the Vitalizer Plus machine. The lower the reading from the NMR scan the smaller the water clusters are, and thus the better they are able to effectively and efficiently penetrate cellular tissue. Hexagonal water displays readings of only around 42Hz, bottled mineral waters show readings around 100Hz, and tap and distilled waters show readings around 128Hz. Clearly, the unique structured clump of hexagonal water molecules is highly superior in hydration and efficiency to filtered tap and bottled mineral waters. This is exactly why people who drink hexagonal water report that the water does not sit in their stomachs and they feel that it absorbs much more easily.

The power of Hexagonal Water is its uncanny ability to be instantaneously assimilated and absorbed within the body, thus effectively revitalizing, enriching and cleansing the body at the cellular level. It is no wonder that people who drink hexagonal water report amazing health benefits and recommend it meticulously to all their families and friends, hexagonal water truly is the ‘perfect water’.


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