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Facial Massager - Give Yourself a Facial Skin Beauty and Health!

Advanced BBS2 Facial Massager now available in USA and Canada through ClearLifeNet!

We Also Deliver Worldwide!

Facial Massager

Facial Massager - Your Own Skin Spa and power of Facial Masks in One!

ClearLifeNet.com brings you the exclusive and highly anticipated BBS2 facial massager, the only skin care product certified by the world renown University of Research in Science (KAIST). A revolutionary product among facial massagers, this face massager utilizes Ultra Sonic, Ion, FIR to not only revitalize your skin but also combat wrinkles, spots, dark circles around eyes, pimples, acne breakouts and more!

This is the unique facial massager and scientifically documented skin care product with both cleansing and lifting properties.

BRAND NEW! Give Yourself a Facial & Fight the Signs of Aging with a Therapeutic Massage you can do at home!

"The exterior skin is a window into the internal health of the body. People who are stressed, tired, malnutritioned and allergic have these effects show up on their skin as wrinkles, breakouts and worse."

Before Using Facial Massager After Using Facial Massager
Before Using Facial Massager After Using Facial Massager

Facial Massager - How it Works Based on Science

The Epidermis and Dermis are the two broad layers of the skin. The dermis is important for maintaining elasticity of skin. The dermis accomplishes these functions by being composed of collagen and elastic tissues wherein blood vessels and nerves travel through. As skin ages it loses much of its collagen and structure forming bonds, which results in harder skin and loss of elasticity. Unfortunately, this is the natural process of aging and eventually results in deep wrinkles on the forehead and cheeks.

Sebum however can act upon the dermis. Made up of Cholesterol and Squalene, sebum removes keratin layers of skin and creates a sebum layer to prevent dryness, as well as providing necessary skin protection from harmful environmental changes by maintaining softness and moisture. The sebum thus acts to determine types of skin.

The Power of the Ion Sensor and Far-Infrared Rays

Ion can flow in one direction or both. Ion is a particle with an electric charge which can either be positive or negative. (+)(+) pole or (-)(-) pole push each other away and (+)(-) pole or (-)(+) pole pull each other in the same way as a magnet. This is why Ion sensors can be so effective with regards to treatment of the surface of the skin. With an Ion sensor and far-infrared rays, the flow of ions can me manipulated! Wonderful results can be seen on skin surfaces very soon once more nutrients are able to enter the epidermis, enriching and revitalizing your skin. When the head has (-) ion, NaCl in the body is separated to Na+ and Cl- and creates Na+ on the surface of the skin. When Vitamin C is applied to the epidermis, (-) ion of Vitamin gets penetrated into epidermis with the help of (-) ion of head and Na+ of epidermis. These are functions that your ordinary facial steamer or facial mask simply cannot do.

Facial Massager Features

The Brand New Facial Massager! Read our Testimonials Below
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Brand New with Full Factory Warranty!

We always put the interests of our clients as our first priority and our devotion is exemplified by our ALWAYS unbeatable prices! This is why ClearLifeNet is a leader in natural health for over 15 years!

This is why this facial massager is so unique, because it incorporates the powerful benefits of Ion sensors and far-infrared technology with smart function and easy usage, as always with ClearLifeNet.com for the lowest price guaranteed! This is the face massager people are raving about as the perfect device.

More than an ordinary Electric Facial Massager, a Therapeutic Massage and Skin Spa!

✔ Ion Sensor works only when ion chips contact with the skin

✔ Ions work to aid in nutrient penetration to the epidermis skin

✔ Far-Infrared rays always emit when it operates

✔ Manual mode or Vibration massage vitalizes your outer skin

✔ Energy friendly, if you stop, the machine waits 4 minutes and cuts off power

✔ Easily recognize its operation with Operation status Check-up sound

Operated by a rechargeable battery with LED indicator to check recharging status

✔ Far-Infrared technology allows work on outer and inner skin simultaneously

"Face Exclusive Massager," Full Course Skin managing!

✔ Developed uniquely and specifically for the face

✔ Ultrasonic has heat, vibration, and cleansing functions!


Combined, it is impossible to find an effective facial massager machine that can do all the things this facial massager does, and so effectively at this price! An amazing spa-like facial scrub and cleanse. Give yourself a facial that will make your girlfriends jealous and beautiful glowing skin that all the men will notice!



" I didn’t know how to give a facial but with this facial massager it’s so easy to use anyone can do it. It makes it easy and convenient to give yourself the spa facial treatment at home and it really is an amazing device, I can see the changes and I am very excited! " ~ Theresa A. from New York  

" I have tried everything for removing my acne breakouts from watching every facial massage video to buying a bunch of creams, popular facial masks, facial steamers, facial scrubs, beauty and cosmetics but nothing worked as well as this facial massager. The other products helped, but it was always temporary and my acne would come back after a month. After the facial massager it is so much better now. " ~ Maria V. from Texas

" I use this machine every evening and it’s wonderful. This is one of those products that isn’t only just for women, if you’re a guy like me and care about the health of your skin and want to look good everyday then I suggest this face massager because it really is top quality from the folks at ClearLifeNet.com " ~ George L. from Australia

" I love this! I feel younger and people tell me that I look great. It works excellent on my wrinkles and also on my oily skin. I realized now I’m much more excited to talk with people, my confidence is much higher! " ~ Emily C. from California


Facial Massager Specs


Click Here - Purchase Online and SAVE - Click Here

Order online with a secure credit card payment

  Or call 1-888-757-7533 or e-mail us for our unbeatable special prices!

Brand New with Full Factory Warranty!


ClearLifeNet.com distributes the Facial Massager device to North America and worldwide with extremely satisfied clients in the United States, Canada, England & the United Kingdom (UK), Switzerland, Russia, Poland, Austria, Germany, Hungary, Ukraine, Belgium, Sweden, Finland, France, Italy, Greece, Spain, Netherlands, Israel, Hong Kong, China, India, Philippines, Thailand, Korea, Japan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand and more... all over America, Europe and Asia!

IMPORTANT: ClearLifeNet.com is an official distributor of the BBS2 Facial Massager offering the official Facial Massager machines at the best prices on the market. Beware of cheap defective imitations or used and refurbished units sold on some other sites and eBay or Amazon.

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